Universal Hardwire Kit

An introduction

Universal Hardwire Kit

An introduction

Advanced Features

Get constant power for your dashcam. ZK05 connects to your vehicle battery through your vehicle's fuse box and provides constant power to your dashcam when the engine is turned off. It includes several fuse tap options that suit most vehicles and your dashcam connects to the hardwire kit with either the Micro USB or Mini USB connectors included. A suitable fuse tap cable will need to be purchased separately if the fuse tap cable options included in this pack are not suitable for your vehicle's fuse box. Thank you for purchasing a ZK05 Hardwire Kit. ZK05 is a simple plug and play solution to hardwire your dashcam with a Mini USB and Micro USB connection. We will send the detailed manual to show you how to install it step by step. Please read through the instructions carefully before attempting to install or use this product.


  • Input voltage mini: 10V
  • Input voltage max: 32V
  • Output voltage: no load: 5.2V , 0.5A, load: 5.1V , 1A load: 5V
  • Output power: DC 5V 2A
  • Working Temp: -20°C TO 65°C
  • Output connector: DC3.5X1.35 female receptor


1. Universal kit suits all dashcams with Mini USB  or Micro USB connections.
2. Can be installed in cars and trucks as is compatible with 12V and  24V batteries.
3. Provides constant power to your dashcam when your vehicle is turned off. Is protected with Battery Drain Protection to safeguard your dashcam from draining your vehicle's battery. Your battery will stop providing power to your dashcam if your battery level gets too low.
4. Includes 4 different fuse tap cables( ATS Fuse Cable,  Mini Fuse Cable,  Micro2 Fuse Cable,  Micro Fuse Cable)  – simply plug the required fuse  tap cable into the vehicle’s fuse box to provide your dashcam with its  own power supply without engaging the cigarette socket.
5. Enough length, overall 15ft hardwire kit can be installed almost on All vehicles. Fuse cable: 0.587ft; Input cable: 3.28ft; Output cable: 9.84ft; USB cable: 1.32ft.
6. Set the cut off voltage according the temperature and the capacity you'd like to consume before the hardwire kit cuts off the output. There are 4 protecting bands set in the hardwire kit, you can switch according your requirement.

7. We pay more attention on the quality of all the things of the hardwire kit ZK05, the motherboard, the cables, the fuse and all other accessories. Perfect for 24 hours power supply and parking surveillance, reverse connect protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection, over load protection.

8. There are 4 protecting band setting in the hardwire kit, you can switch according your requirement.For 12V battery the protecting voltage are 11.8V/12.0V/12.2/12.4V;For 24V battery the protecting voltage are 23.6V/ 24.0V/24.4V/24.8V.The hardwire kit will identify the Lead Acid Accumulator automatically and protecting from draining.

9. The detailed manual in the package will show you how to install the hardwire kit step by step. And using the tools which we send to you are much easy for the installation. You don't have visible wiring hanging on the dash of your car.
10. Two dashcam connector cables are included with ZK05, one with a Mini USB plug and one with a Micro USB plug. Determine the connection interface type on your dashcam and then select the appropriate USB connector cable.

What is in the box

1x hardwire kit

1x mini USB cable

1x micro USB cable

1x ATS(standard) Fuse Cable

1x Mini Fuse Cable

1x Micro2 Fuse Cable

1x Micro Fuse Cable

1x English user manual

1x fuse puller

4x cable ties

1x plastic pry tool

Product Specifications

The fine details of the camera.