Hardwire kit for ZK3

An introduction

Hardwire kit for ZK3

An introduction

Advanced Features

Search " How To Hardwire a Car dashcam " in Youtube and you can find some videos to tell you how to install it. The Hardwire Kit will even protect your dashcam from draining your vehicle's battery. If your vehicle's battery gets too low, the Hardwire Kit will stop powering your dash camera to save battery power. You never worry about your car's battery dying when the dash cam is recording videos.


1. There are 4 protecting band setting in the hardwire kit, you can switch according your requirement.

For 12V battery the protecting voltages are 11.8V/12V/12.2V/12.4V

For 24V battery the protecting voltages are 23.6V/24V/24.4V/24.8V

12.2 V/ 2/4V band is recommended for most users in general working condition.

2. The Hardwire Kit is simple plug and play solution to hardwire any Dashcam which are with Mirco USB or Mini USB port

3. High Compatibility, use the hardwire kit in radar detector, mirror rearview dvr, GPS navi and dashcam.

4. 24 hours power supply and parking mode. With the ZK03 hardwire kit, the mini 0906 will record with a time lapse function (lower fps) when it is in the parking guard mode.

What is in the box

1x hardwire kit

1x micro USB cable

1x ATS(standard) Fuse Cable

1x Mini Fuse Cable

1x Micro2 Fuse Cable

1x Micro Fuse Cable

1 x Micro USB to Mini USB adapter

1x English user manual

1x fuse puller

4x cable ties

1x plastic pry tool

Product Specifications

The fine details of the camera.